FashZip is a mobile app that gives customers the ability to order from their favorite fashion
retail stores and have it delivered to them at any location of their convenience. It works just like
ordering food for delivery through a mobile app.
Our mission is to reach the unreachable
FashZip operates at the hours of its partner stores. Most stores are in between the range of 9am to 9pm. We make the recommendation that most stores stop accepting orders on the app within one and a half hours before closing so that there isn’t any issues and customers have the ability to contact them if anything is wrong. However, they choose what time their normal business hours are for FashZip.
The estimated time of delivery can change. There are a lot of factors that play a part in the delivery time, so you’d want to make sure you give yourself enough time. Most orders will be about 45 mins delivery time depending on a few things.
We do not do the returns for the wrong sizes. Make sure your size is accurate before making the purchase. If a Zipper has to return any merchandise, you will be charged a fee for the return.
The average refund can take up to 3-5 business days.
You can contact us through the live chat. If there isn’t an agent available in the chat you can shoot us an email and It will automatically open up a ticket with our customer support to take care of the issue. In the app you can do all of these things. You can also find our email contacts on the “Contact” page.
Your order will be returned, and you will be charged for that order. The app provides live tracking so the location that you order the merchandise to, it will be brought to that destination. You will have a sense of when the delivery will arrive so that you can accept the order once It is delivered. Be sure to not miss the delivery.
Again, visit our “contact” page and you can send an email to our customer support team.
See our “Zippers” page and fill out the forum. You will be contacted by our Zipper team to continue the process of becoming a Zipper.
On our homepage you can fill in your zip code and see if FashZip covers your area.
You can cancel your order through the app, however if the driver has already picked up your order you will be charged a fee for cancellation as well as for the driver’s gas and mileage.
You can request your refund through the app. The only way customers can receive a Refund through FashZip is by canceling the orders before it is delivered. Once an item is delivered, customers must visit the store for refunds and the store has the ability to offer you refund on all merchandise that was not clearance.
You can track your orders progress through the app. You will be able to see the when the order is being processed, when it has been picked up, when the driver is near, and when it has been delivered. The stores will also be able to see these things.
If you receive items that you did not order, the Zipper can return those items. Our Zippers will check the orders before they leave the store for delivery so you should not be receiving anything other than what you ordered.
Sort of, When the Zipper arrives, someone you have to swipe on your personal device as proof of delivery to verify that you have received the order. The Zipper will also swipe from their device as proof they delivered the order.
No, you will have to verify through your device so that there isn’t any confusion on delivery.
Your Zipper should not have to wait for you to get home to receive your order. Whatever location you choose your order to be delivered at, you should be there. Keep in mind that Zippers have other orders to deliver as well. After a couple of mins, they will leave and return your merchandise to the store, then you will be charged a fee for not being there to receive the order and no communication about it. Try to communicate with the driver as much as possible.
We currently don’t have that ability yet, but we will be working on adding that to the functionality of the app in the future.